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No, at this time TurboTin.com is free to use.

We search over 30 online pipe tobacco retailers, twice a day. The "Time" column shows the last update time for that entry.

From the Full Table, click the Filter Stores button to see a list of the current retailers in our search.

Send us an email at turbotinftw@gmail.com

Yes, click on the "Availability Notifications" link to select the blend or brand to receive email notifications. A login is required so that you can manage the notifications

Yes, you can limit each notification to one or more stores.

The site is now formatted to optimize multiple screen sizes, but the data will be the same.

On smaller screen sizes, the entry will be highlighted in red if it is out of stock.

Yes, there is a Max Price option that you can use to limit notifications by price.

We scrape several thousand tobaccos every day and therefore categorizing each one manually would be far too time consuming. Instead we use fuzzy string matching, which is normally very good, especially with tobaccos that have unique names. However, blends with simple names or several different categorizations can cause it to slip up. If you have any feedback on how we could make this process better please let us know by emailing turbotinftw@gmail.com

Each point in the graph represents the price of the tobacco when we scraped it. Dashed lines mean that the tobacco was out of stock at that time whereas a solid line means that it was in stock at that moment in time. This data is by no means complete as we only scrape twice a day and sometimes are unable to get data from a website for a period of time.

You should have a multi-faceted plan that includes TurboTin.com as well as frequenting your local tobacco shops, registering with online retailers directly to get notifications and join their waitlists (if they have them), and visiting vintage tobacco tin sites like PipeStud.com